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Chimney Sweeping

Unveiling Our Expert Chimney Services Tailored for the Buckinghamshire Area!

For the charming towns and scenic villages radiating around Aylesbury, we’ve honed our skills to serve YOU with excellence:

Standard Power Sweep – Priced at £65.00, this is a power sweep for lined and also unlined chimneys, carried out within a 15-mile radius of Aylesbury. Please contact us for pricing outside of this radius.

Gas Fire Sweep – Priced at £100 this includes gas fire removal, sweep of chimney flue and recommissioning of fire.

– Bird nest removal – Priced at £150 we remove the bird nest and conduct a camera inspection of the chimney to ensure that all parts of the nest are removed and that the chimney is safe to use.

– Sweep with Camera inspection -A power sweep is initially carried out, followed by a CCTV inspection of the chimney to test integrity and safety, with the footage recorded for future use £130.

– Chimney Soundness Test – Type 1 smoke test, CCTV internal inspection, power sweep and external visual inspection of exterior chimney and chimney sweep £200.

– Chimney Accessories – Cowls, bird guards, and caps start at a friendly £130.

– Carbon Monoxide alarm installation £40


Chimneys need to allow the free passage of dangerous combustion gasses.
Regular sweeping will remove soot, bird nests, cobwebs and any

How often should you have a chimney sweep?

The cadence largely rests on various elements, like the type of fuel, the appliance, usage duration, wood’s moisture content, and the chimney’s design. But, don’t you fret! Your dedicated Buckinghamshire Chimney Sweep will proffer sage advice during the appointment.

For your Buckinghamshire residence, consider the following guidelines:

Smokeless fuel: It’s advisable to have an annual sweep for maintenance.

Wood: Schedule a cleaning four times a year when using it for heating.

Bituminous coal: A quarterly cleaning is recommended to maintain warmth.

Oil & Gas: A yearly inspection will help uphold the chimney’s quality.

Interested in top-tier chimney services in Buckinghamshire? Reach out to us, and let’s uphold the highest standards!

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